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This research group also found that early treatment with deprenyl permitted patients to delay the need for sinemet and to continue working at their jobs longer than untreated patients could.

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Information about Sinemet.

These are possible side effects of SINEMETFor the most part these have been mild.

Abnormal uncontrolled movements including muscle twitching or spasmswhich may or may not resemble your Parkinson’s symptoms dizzinesslight-headedness when standing quickly feeling sicknauseavomitingloss of appetite discolouration of urinesweat and/or saliva dream abnormalities sleepiness or sudden onset of sleep slow movements twitching or spasm of the eyelids hair loss diarrhoea.

Reports of patients taking dopaminergic medicationsmedications that increase central dopaminergic tonesuggest that patients may experience an intense urge to gambleincreased sexual urgesintense urges to spend moneybinge eatingand/or other intense urgesand the inability to control these urgesIn some casesalthough not allthese urges were reported to have stopped when the dose was reduced or the medication was discontinuedBecause patients may not recognize these behaviors as abnormalit is important for prescribers to specifically ask patients or the caregivers about the development of new or increased gambling urgessexual urgesuncontrolled spending or other urges while being treated with SINEMETPhysicians should consider dose reduction or stopping the medication if a patient develops such urges while taking SINEMETsee PATIENT INFORMATION

Levodopa is a metabolic precursor of dopamine or a compound that participates in the chemical reaction that produces dopaminewhich is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and reach the brainwhere it can be converted to dopamine.

If you have trouble remembering to take your tabletsask your pharmacist for some hints.

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