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Grace Texpro



The infrastructure comprises of Office -800 sqft, garden a�� 5000 sqft, incoming store, checking area, Chemical Storage, dry process area, ETP, Spray area, Dispatch area, & Maintenance room.

 Machines  Quantity  Capacity
 Driers  4nos.  150 capacity each
 Washing m/c  1no.  480 capacity
 Washing m/c  2nos.  280 capacity
 Washing m/c  1no.  140 capacity
 Washing m/c  1no.  50 capacity
 Sampling m/c  2nos.  25 kgs capacity
 Hydros  3nos.  75 kgs
 aS� All  washing machines are front loading 
 aS� Sampling machines are belly machines 
 aS� Driers with tilting & slide door

aS� Dry Process :

  Mannequins 15nos.
  Tagging m/c 3nos.
  Hand grinding m/c 10nos.
 Wheel grinding m/c 8nos.
Scraping 3500+ pcs per day
 Whiskering 3500 pcs per day
 Spray 3500 pcs per day
 Spray area Mannequins 6nos.
 Spray tank 9ltrs capacity & power gun
 Diesel Generator 250kv capacity
 Power 250kv capacity
 Boiler 2 tons capacity
 Incoming store capacity 60,000pcs
 Dispatch 10,000+ cotton pcs & 3,500+ denim pcs per  day

aS� Others :

Air Compressor  30hp
Air Receiver Tank 2000ltrs capacity
Water Sump 35,000ltrs capacity
Overhead tanks 2 nos.  10,000ltrs capacity each
ETP with R.O plant 40,000ltrs capacity per day
Bore well  

aS� We have installed effluent treatment plants with reverse osmosis systems for recycling water.

aS� In ETP the water is fully treated & we have sludge storage tanks with standby motors.

aS� We have trained & qualified technicians in ETP

aS� From ETP the water is recycled & used for our garden & toilet purposes.

aS� Activities:

aS� We have an advanced garment washing facility that can provide a variety of denims which include raw wash, vintage wash, towel wash, Enzyme stone wash, M .Blue, L .Blue, Super Ice wash, moon wash, rinse wash, Dirty look wash .

aS� For cotton we are specialized in eco wash, Bio wash, Bio-polish, Ultra , Super Ultra, Softner wash, C.P wash, Silky Wash, Leather wash, Peach wash, Super Bounce Wash.

aS� We respect the community in which we operate and have great concern towards the environment and see sustainable development as an essential business practice.

aS� Ensuring the employees safety we have required number of first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, fire alarm, eye wash etc.,

aS� We operate and have great concern towards the environment and see sustainable development as an essential business practice.

Grace Creation

we would like to inform you that we have separate godwn 1750 sq ft in same location for storage of fabric of different clients. This unit can produce 60000 Denim Jeans per month. The unit is presently equipped with the following machinery.

aS� Cutting

  Eastman Blue streak Cutting machins 3nos.
  35 x 5.5 Feet tables 4nos.
  Sorting tables 4nos.
Racks  2nos.

aS� Sewing:

  Single Needle Lockstitch machine 131nos.
  Double Needle Lockstitch machine 20nos.
  Electronic lockstitch bar taker 12nos.
Feed of Arm (H.D) m/c 10nos.
Single needle straight lock stitcher 12nos.
Twin Needle Lock Sticher 12nos.
S/L Needle direct drives with thread trimmer 12nos.
Electronic eyelet button holed machine 2nos.
KC 2 end cutter 1nos.
Kansai Loop making 1nos.
5 thread basic overlock machine (Heavy duty) 12nos.
Snap Button machine 4nos.
5 thread basic overlock machine 8nos.
5 thread basic flat lock machine 8nos.

aS�Finishing :

Steam Boiler  2nos.
Vaccum Press Table and Steam Iron 8nos.
Vaccum Table with Buck 2nos.
Seam Opening table  1nos.
GFE Foam Finisher machine 1nos.
Checking Tablesl  8nos.